Last Mile Solutions


With the rise of e-commerce there is an increased interest in improving last mile delivery solutions. Air based solutions like drones are running into regulatory snags and there are multiple entities exploring ground-based autonomous solutions.


How might we build infrastructure or provide solutions to increase adoption of ground based robots in last mile delivery?

Home EV Charging


One of the barriers for broader EV adoption of EVs have been the lack of easy plug in home charging solutions. Today, EV owners must route new wiring and pay for an expensive charger to us an EV. The problem is acerbated for those who live in apartment buildings.


How might we simplify/reduce the cost of this process?

EV Penetration Data


There are a variety of industry stakeholders, like dealers/OEMS/utilities, that are interested in electric vehicle penetration and sales data (changing behaviors, buying patterns, motivations & time frame to purchase).


How might we become a partner of choice in providing these stakeholders the information the are looking for and build data products that can provide value?

Indoor Agriculture


One of the major hurdles for indoor agriculture is high energy costs. This limits its applications to a limited number of high value crops.


How might we alleviate these high energy costs and provide better outcomes for the indoor agriculture industry?

Targeted Energy Efficiency


Many incentives go to purchasing new appliances, but do not ensure that the old appliances are actually retired versus redeployed into another room, effectively making your home less efficient


How might we ensure our dollars are making the intended impact or the optimized impact to the grid?

Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households


A lot of the financial support to low income households go towards reducing their bill but do not address the problem, inefficient homes. Even this does not reach broad swaths of the population


How might we better deploy capital to reach more low-income households and make them more efficient at the same time?

Plug & Play Interconnection


The complex DER integration process is a huge friction in the adoption of solar and wind. Varying tariffs across jurisdictions, interconnection fees and delays & distribution upgrade cost sharing are among the chief complexities.


How might we develop technologies and services that can streamline this process to allow consumers to “plug and play” their distributed energy resources?

Demand Side Renewable Integration


Utilities and ISOs are facing challenges with the increasing share of renewables in the generation mix. The variability of wind and solar means that they have to maintain enough reserve capacity for when generation is low and are susceptible to negative prices when there is excess energy supply.


How might we leverage smart and variable demand side assets, either residential (EVs/Thermostats) or commercial (data centers), to better match demand and supply?

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